The Powers Church
Built   in 1876

Projects & Giving

Restoration and maintenance of the church is funded through donations from many individuals who are friends of the church and from grants we have received from the Steuben County Community Foundation and the Steuben County REMC.  Without grants and your generous help the church could not continue to exist.

Ongoing maintenance

Each year we choose items that have to be maintained or repaired as projects for the summer.  Last year we were able to repair the foundation damage on the north side of the church and paint the church.  The cemetery association was able to rebuild the old rock wall in the south cemetery.  We still need to repaint the window frames on the outside of the windows.  Since the windows are so large and delicate this is an expensive process.  Thank you for your financial support of these important projects.

Wallpaper Restoration

We continue to focus on restoring the wallpaper that dates to the late 1880’s. The wallpaper is historically significant because it is one of the few well-preserved examples of original 1800’s wallpaper still hanging in a building in Indiana or in our country.

In 2006 Bob Cross, a restoration expert from Haselrick and Cross in Elkhart, Indiana, restored and cleaned the wallpaper on three walls of the church.  
His careful, detailed restoration accomplished amazing results.  

The wallpaper on the front wall, however, was too damaged to save and must be reproduced.  Bob has created stencils that will reproduce the wallpaper one stage at a time. The first and second stages have been completed, as you can see from the pictures on this page. Several more stencils have to be applied in order for the front wall to be completely restored to match the other walls.

Please Donate Now

Your donation will make it possible for us to continue restoration and continue ongoing maintenance of the church.  Especially now, when grants are limited, we depend on donations from our many friends of the church.  Please help us continue the care of this priceless building that represents our religious and pioneer heritage.

You can help maintain and restore the Powers Church by sending your check to:

  Powers Church Restoration Committee

 8090 E 40 S

  Angola, IN  46703.

(Please indicate if a deductible tax receipt is needed)

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